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    This forum is an opportunity to share information or seek help from other coaches across the US that are coaching players of a similar age.

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    Sean M

    A lot of kids in our age group call out the name of the player with the ball to try to get the player to pass the ball to them. We try to teach them to signal when they are open with their hand, but so many players are doing this that kids feel like they need to do the same thing or else they won’t get the ball. I’ve even seen a kid do this even though his teammate with the ball had a breakaway and was 10 feet in front of him. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    I have a player who is extremely talented and very tall. This player used to love the game and had dreams of playing for Baylor. Now, for some reason this player isnt sure they even want to play high school ball. How do I light a fire under this player to keep them interested in playing and make it fun again? Im not really even sure what happened and why it became “not fun” anymore???

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Coach, I think the key is to first understand the situation more, if you can without overly intruding. Is the player giving any reasons or signals as to why? There’s a chance there’s something going on in his life (family, friends, etc.) that is affecting his behavior. It might not be a good idea to push him too much until you really know what’s going on. If you can understand what’s in his mind it should be easier to figure out an approach. Once you do that, going to a college or NBA game might help. Is there a very skilled player several years older that you can find that might be willing to be a mentor?

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