Can I share these Materials with others?

No. Access to the materials is governed by the limited license your youth league has been granted for this season (see below for more detail).

If you would like an assistant coach to have access to these materials, please reach out to your league director (the person that oversees the program) and ask them if they are willing to add your assistant(s) to this platform. We can only take requests to add coaches from the league director.

LIMITED LICENSE: Leagues that have an agreement in place with Alpha Youth Sports (“AYS”) have been granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicenseable right and license to use the alphaBASKETBALL Coaching Materials. This limited license is to be used solely in connection with the League’s basketball program, only during seasons that are covered as part of that limited license Agreement, and solely by the League and its authorized coaches or representatives. The League and its coaches or other representatives who receive or access a copy of the Coaching Materials will not be permitted to make any additional copies. At the conclusion of the Term of the limited license Agreement between the League and AYS, the rights and licenses granted by AYS shall automatically terminate. Disclosure, copying, forwarding/distribution, or retention of any part of these Coaching Materials is unauthorized and may be unlawful.