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alphaBASKETBALL  is an innovative, 4th Generation approach to preparing youth coaches to teach the fundamentals of basketball.  Leagues in over 30 states are raving about this “Digital Coaching Platform”, as it provides leagues with a curriculum, program plan, and coaching materials that help drive a consistently strong developmental program (for grades K-9).  alphaBASKETBALL has helped hundreds of leagues move past their outdated coach training methods, and has driven fundamental, lasting improvements to their youth program.  alphaBASKETBALL addresses the core challenges faced by youth leagues that rely on volunteer coaches: volunteerism is on the decline, coaches that do volunteer have varying levels of basketball knowledge, hectic schedules, and are taking less initiative to prepare for practices…and it’s impossible to get all of them to attend coach’s meetings!

Leagues that use alphaBASKETBALL…

  • Have seen a quantifiable increase in the engagement and preparation levels of their volunteer coaches
  • Offer a higher quality and more consistent program to their community
  • Have found that they can more easily recruit volunteer coaches.  Prospective coaches no longer worry about “not knowing the game as much as some of the other parents”, as they are given a comprehensive yet easy to use coaching tool that gives them just what they need to coach a particular age group
  • Are actually achieving their stated mission of providing a fun and positive experience to their players while teaching sound fundamental skills (at an accelerated rate as compared to neighboring leagues!)

The alphaBASKETBALL Coaching Platform supports the development of individual skills, game knowledge, and team skills.  Similar to a software application, each year improvements are made to the platform and a new version is created.  The platform includes hundreds of valuable pieces of grade specific content, including:

  • Upfront Coaches Training
  • Skill Videos and Instructional Aids that help coaches in teaching new skills
  • Drill/Game Videos that show coaches fun and effective drills and games
  • Suggested Practice Plans
  • Clinic Materials to help coaches in running skills clinics for younger grades
  • Spotlight Topics that highlight new drills or help coaches handle typical challenges

alphaBASKETBALL has materials for 6 different levels/stages of development, all of which are focused on players in Grades K-9.  In each stage, the materials are designed to fit the physical capability and mental/emotional maturity level of players in that stage.  The materials in the early stages focus on the very basic fundamental skills, the key terms of the game, and having fun with friends so players have a positive experience and want to keep playing.  As players advance through each stage, the materials incrementally build skills in a manner consistent with the physical, mental, and emotional development of young players…and similar to the way the math curriculum in elementary and middle schools incrementally advances math skills.

The alphaBASKETBALL coaching materials are available via our online library, and are also delivered to coaches in packages at the appropriate times during the season, based on a schedule defined by the league.  This approach allows coaches to review the pertinent materials at a time that is convenient for them, enabling all coaches to be “on the same page”.  Coaches no longer need to search the web in hopes of finding age appropriate materials or spend time developing their own unique plan (which often times is too complicated for the age group they are coaching), they simply spend a short amount of time reviewing the materials that are pushed to them and tailoring them to their team.  Coaches are thrilled that they are given the short list of fun and effective coaching materials appropriate for the age group they are coaching.  Best of all, while the coaching platform is based on a comprehensive skill curriculum and employs proven teaching methods that accelerate skill development in children, to a volunteer parent coach it’s just a simple tool that makes it easier to be a good coach!


– 92% of coaches said alphaBASKETBALL made them more prepared for practices!
– 97% of coaches gave alphaBASKETBALL a positive rating (and 50% gave it an Excellent rating!)

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