What can I do if the drills/materials are too difficult or too easy for my team?

Most teams are comprised of players with a WIDE range of skill, making it challenging for coaches to help the lower skilled players, while still pushing the more skilled players to get better. This challenge increases when the team is comprised of players from multiple ages/grades. The goal of the materials/drills we make available for each of the 6 stages of curriculum is to support the needs of the majority of the players at that particular age group.

If you feel that the materials you are receiving are too difficult (or too easy) for the majority of the teams/coaches in your division/age group, please raise this to the attention of your League Director (the person that oversees the program) as we may be able to work with the League Director to re-assign the division/age group to a different stage of our curriculum.

If you feel that your team is unique and for some reason needs materials/drills that are more basic (or more challenging) than the other teams in your division/age group, then you can request access to a lower/higher stage of the curriculum by emailing us at support@alphayouthsports.com.